Saturday, June 16, 2012

Are Above Ground High Tension Power Lines Screwing With Nature?

Most people don't realize that when mankind puts through infrastructure it does disrupt the environment. When we put in a major freeways, that freeway noise and those lights, along with the runoff alters and changes the landscape, changes the food chain, and modifies nature. Now then, before I go on, I'd like you know that I am not an environmentalist, nor do I wish to curtail the future progress of human civilization. But perhaps it's time we had a legitimate talk about what we are doing, and how it affects things.
Have you ever driven under high tension power lines, or next to a radio station? In the case of high tension power lines your radio gets funky, if you are passing by a radio station and you are tuned to a different channel, the same thing happens, there is quite a bit of static disruption, and the radio station tower bleeds into your frequency, even if it is on another channel, AM or FM. There's a lot of electromagnetic energy escaping from high tension power lines, it alters many things and the human brain, along with the brains of other species are electromagnetic organic devices.
The energy is generated from the chemicals coming from the food source that any given species might eat. Organic brains are so evolutionarily refined they operate on minuscule amounts of power, so any large power source disrupts them, meaning power lines, radio antennas, or even cell towers.
Did you know that cows sleep facing North - they sleep standing, they face North, and this is something they just do for a biological, genetic, and evolutionary reason. However, when you put giant power lines across the field, it interrupts and disrupts that process, and the cows sleep facing all different directions. Obviously, if we put in high tension power lines, we are disrupting the biological functions of all the animals nearby. Just as the freeway noise disrupts, or all the lights disrupt their behavior, habitat, circadian rhythm, and ability to hunt, or evade. This disrupts the food chain, the balance, and everything else.
When we put up large wind power generators it creates ultrasound, that ultrasound messes with the brains of humans, and therefore all the other animals too. It also creates low pressure areas behind the blades, which causes bats to crash, and also screws with their biological sonar navigation system. Railroad tracks and the vibrational energy causes species to wish to live further away, it drives away the prey, as well as the predators, thus creating somewhat of a dead zone.
The endangered Desert Tortoise which is found out West in the United States has trouble when it is picked up and re-faced a different direction. Whatever direction it is facing when you put it back down, it travels in that direction, and you disrupted its internal navigation system, whether it is magnetic, or is generated through memory. Having high tension power lines will also affect various species, probably more than we can know. And since we can't ask them, we have no idea.
Over the last 50 years we've learned that large sea mammals have challenges due to our underwater sonar systems, and they have actually changed the frequency which they communicate at to a slightly higher frequency. They've been able to adapt, but not all species can adapt that quickly, evolutionarily speaking they've been doing it their way for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of years. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it because as much information as there is out there on wildlife, nature, and biological research it seems often enough we have skipped over at least some of these questions I've asked.

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